Citadelle Laferrière Access

Today The Citadelle is one of the main touristic destinations of Haiti.

The Citadelle, however, does not welcome its visitors with luxurious palaces and refined historic buildings.

After all, the Citadelle is a war construction - with humble and simplex interior, designed for practical needs and not luxury.

Despite its modest interior, every year the Citadelle attracts thousands of tourists thanks to its unique architectural structure and intriguing history.

Getting There

The easiest way to get there is from town of Milot, located on the distance of 8 km from the fortress. It is very easy to find locals, ready to guide the tourists to the Citadelle. Be careful not to overpay the guide and negotiate the price before starting your way.

As far as the road leading to the fortress is a mountainous trail, the most reliable transport for getting there is the horse. The horse from Milot to the Citadelle will cost you around 15$.

People from surrounding villages are selling drinks and souvenirs on the trail. Without good amount of liquid the road to the top of the mountain Bonnet a L’Eveque would be unbearable, because of the tropical heat. It is also possible to get there by feet, if the visitors are good hikers.

Access Fee:

The entrance fee to the Citadelle is around 5$. The visitors have access to almost every part of the fortress.


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